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If you believe in the project,mint some NFTs from our collections! This will enable you to earn $HAR and buy packs!

Welcome to Harmony

Experience NFT gaming
with Aspect of Harmony

We are an Indie game company and we are bringing Aspect of Harmony to you. Our goal is to bring together the world of gaming and NFTs, without sacrificing enjoyable gameplay!

If you love gaming, you´re in the right place, doesn´t matter if you know about NFTs or not.
If you want to learn more about the game, hope right in:
Aspect of Harmony

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Collect NFTs, earn $HAR!

Harmony lets you earn $HAR tokens by collecting and staking all of our NFTs or cards in our treasure chest. You can use your $HAR tokens to buy card packs for Aspect of Harmony, a trading card game with integrated NFT cards that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Aspect of Harmony is completely free to play and will always be. You have the option to spend your earned $HAR tokens to get better cards for the game, but it’s not required!

Harmony also has a dedicated marketplace where you can buy, sell and trade your NFTs and cards with other users. Harmony is more than just a project, it’s a community of gamers and NFT enthusiasts who share a passion for innovation and creativity.

Join us today and discover the harmony of gaming and NFTs.